Monday, November 20, 2006
Hello people, the weekend is almost through... And I'm happy I got some work done. I planned out my Thanksgiving party and invitations! It's almost knocking loud on the door. Lotsa things to be done more... the turkey, the decorations, the decor. I need help and

There was something very interesting on saturday too... Teddy Bear Day. Hey, teddy bears are my all time favorite friends and for other people too. It's just not kids, there are lot of adults who are quite possesive about their teddy bears! I spent some of my time giving
them a brush-up and then made a special dinner for my mom and dad. Guess why... for Moms and Dads Day. My folks are very cool and they deserve the best of everything. I topped the dinner with moms favorite dill pickle, in celebration of International Pickle Festival. Ooo, it just added that zing to our dinner, but I have to admit that dad was not too pleased with our weird eating!!

So, that was me and my weekend. Got to hit my bed now, for I got an early class and a whole week! Signing off... Ciao!
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