Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Hey people, hope U all had a great weekend! Mine was completely lazy, didn't do anything but lazed around and read up few interesting things. Oh yes, I did have a great big sundae on saturday... celebrated Sundae Day of course. It was spectacular and completely stuffed me up (I don't want to go near the weighing scale for a week now!).

I also came across One's Day. It's a cute concept... celebrating the 11th of November... 1111... and making sure that U appreciate the 'Numero Uno' in your life. There was a big treat in store for the pizza lovers too... (my name comes here also!). Pizza With No Anchovies Day was on sunday. But, anchovies or no anchovies, hardly makes a difference when you have a piping, hot pizza in front of you and the cheese goes... drip... drip!

Signing off on this 'cheese-ful' note... See you all soon!
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