Thursday, November 02, 2006

Did you know there is a 'Practice Being Psychic' Day? Well, I didn't know about it either and I just found it out last night...The idea's cool actually, U can get a makeover as a psychic and have fun with all your buddies! Get's my grey matter turning wheels too...let me see...

Bet You didn't know this :

  • People involved in the occult often see psychic ability as the purest form of magical practice because it involves no preparation.
  • Being psychic does not necessarily mean an individual is in tune with natural energies or their own destiny. - what next ?
  • Psychic ability usually is associated more with science and the expanding biological resources of the human body.
  • Psychic ability and magic are considered separate by the simple distinction that science only has proof that one exists. - Better be careful !

Get's you thinking that there's a lot of mystic and magic and deeper matters around, that we really don't know much about and hey, the human brain is the deepest well of psychic ability!

Check out the links that I found out:

Intuitive Psychic Readings - Talks about bringing body and spirit due to meditaion.
Does being psychic automatically make you a witch or magician? -
Distinguishes between magic, witches and psychic talents!... the spelling of magic is all wrong though!
The Psychic Ring - Lists all other psychic sites and information.
Mystic Powers - A great ecard site that actually offers ecards on 'Practice Being Psychic Day'.
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