Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Life needs a little bit of a zing every now and then! And specially if that zing come in our food, via Pickles... then God Bless The Pickle! Pickles are something that you just cannot miss. A little bit is enough to get your adrenaline going annd your brain rocking...

Check out these 'pickled' facts -

  • Many cultures have historically fermented foods by burying them underground, producing a rotted, yet edible delicacy.
  • Pickling is the ancient culinary craft of preserving foods in salt brine or vinegar.
  • Pickles played an important role in Colombus’s discovery of America in 1492.
  • Many people consider pickle brine a useful commodity, with its complex flavor of spices, salt, vinegar, and pickled vegetables.
  • Today, a common figurative sense for the word pickle is "troublesome situation"—as in "you’ve gotten us into a pretty pickle."

Ooo... I want some pickes right now! While I'm off to turn the kitchen upside down for them, you can read up more on pickles and their fascinating recipes from these links -

Science Of Pickles - Some pickling fun!
Family Favorites - Recipe time... from the Pickle hot-spot, India.
Science Of Cooking Pickles - Enjoy!!
Pickled Particulars - More pickled stuff.

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  • At 5:21 PM, Blogger Anna

    Oo, several things I didn't know there. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of "helping" mum in the kitchen while she pickled/preserved various bit and pieces from our vegie garden. Soon to come on my blog - bread-and-butter cucumbers, which are a pickled-type of thing. AND very yummy. Well, it'll be on my blog after christmas, if I can get the recipe of mum...