Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm excited, very excited! It's Thanksgiving time and I just got back from party planning with my mom. The turkey, the stuffing and the pie, gifts and what not... Oooo, can't wait to have some 'turkey-fic'fun! I have made plans to decorate my home and the backyard with a pumpkin theme, and maybe throw in a big cornucopia for the front door? What say? Head's brimming with ideas and I'm just ready to get started. A few last minute invites are still left, so I'm planning to use this ecard site for inviting and wishing others, who are miles away.

Oops, I guess I'm rambling a bit too much. Lemme not bore u guys more. Check out these few cool stuff that I found, while I go and get my things done! Ciao...

A Great Thanksgiving Blog - This is good, very informative and makes for cool reading!
Hey, It's Xanga - A cool blog again, different and informative!!
Last Minute Invites And Wishes - I found this with ecards. Good stuff.

P.s - Today's World Hello Day too. Just don't forget to greet everyone with a big hello, like me 'coz this is also a big reason to spread some holiday cheer! I'm right, ain't I?
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