Saturday, February 10, 2007

Guys, I am finally seeing the light of my screen! LOL! U know, it was terrible... just lying in bed all day was not exactly I like doing! But I had no choice, the cold really put me down.

Anyway enough of my whinings, let me remind U that the weekend is here! And this is going to be a very special weekend 'coz its the Valentine's Day Weekend! A great time to just laze and cuddle up with your beloved and whisper sweet nothings.

Speaking of which, another important thing that plays a very important part is food! What's anything without good food... even Love is bland without some food to get the love-adrenaline rushing! Chocolates! yes, the number one in love food is always chocolates. They are easy to get, absolutely yummy in taste and they make great gifts. Come on, we all know that we can never go wrong with chocolates and Chocolate Festival.

So here's to love and chocolates - have a great weekend while I see U again soon!


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