Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cheese, cheese and more of cheese! What a yummy day... a good time to go bonkers on cheese! But hey, mind the fat content too.Cheese
is good but in small doses. Like I plan to have a good, cheesy pizza and then stay contended for a week. So its a good idea for U guys to binge and then concentrate on some serious workout!

Speaking of workouts, a good exercise is hugging yes, I'm serious 'coz a good hug makes U feel good and contended. And anything that makes people happy, effects that mind and the body... so, there's a lot of good things released in your blood stream that helps in losing weight! So, guys just get going and send lot's of hugs to all your loved ones. U would be feeling good and making others feel good too!

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  • At 1:18 PM, Blogger amos dettonville

    hi casey, when is "cheesewhiz day?" that's what i am waiting for. i have been here a couple of times and i just got your blog on this visit (me slow). dang, i missed appreciate a dragon day too (kinda serious about that, kinda).

    i have a cheesey post - one of those cheesey email fwds - cannot believe i blogged it.

    anyway, now i shall have to come here regularly to know what day it is - and celebrate life just a bit more informed.