Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Life is also about fun, isn't it? Like I say, with food, you have to be friends and this also includes having fun! Now Fun is something that sometimes has to be sought out - so if this is the case, then Dancing is something that might top the list of fun things to do! It does mine, and I'm sure a lot of U people out there would agree with me.

So, if a little step here and a little step there can make your heart soar - then you are born to dance! And this is what I'm doing right now (o.k, it's also to lose the weight I put on in the Holiday Season), which is also another good reason to celebrate Dance Day! One more thing before I go - today's also celebrated as Make Your Dreams Come True Day! Now, I don't think I actually need to say anything more on this... all You guys have to do is make your fondest dream come true. So here's a wish of good luck from me!

P.S. - This week's first 'Shout Out' at Cyber-holidays goes to Check out our iFrame. This my way of appreciating and spreading the word about Sarina's unique work. Keep up the good work. Three Cheers for! Hip Hip Hurray!!
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