Monday, January 01, 2007
New year greetings & felicitations to all my fellow bloggers and readers. Hope U all had tons of fun partying throughout the night. I, however, enjoyed a more homely New Years dinner with some cheerful friends and family.

Are you as excited as I am to find out what's been Hot & Happening on the virtual Webosphere (my latest turn on)? Just found out that the Top Yahoo Searches of 2006 were all celebrity orientated, while the mighty giant Google listed social networking sites like Bebo & MySpace as its Top 2006 searches. Perhaps the only lucky person wisely cashing on both these opposing webgiants was Paris Hilton! Way to go Paris..So that's why they say opposites attract :)

And for those wondering what's in for 2007, let's peep into a more popular NextGen weblog called Read/WriteWeb. According to its recent poll of Web Technology Predictions for 2007;
  • Online Video/Internet TV (Venice) will grow popular (Nodoubts about this one ,now that Google owns Youtube)
  • Web on Mobiles will be a hit but not quite yet. What say U?
  • There's also a debate whether MySpace & Bebo will still rule? Google finds such sites quite popular on its charts whereas, blog writers like Liz Strauss forecast such socialisation to be a passing trend. I'm just happy that companies predictably will practice more personalisation especially through 'Blogs'. Long live the Blogosphere!!
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