Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hey guys, what's the progress on the Carols? I'm done, just brushed them up a little bit! You know, apart from the regular Christmas stuff, I came across something very interesting - Greetings from Space! Now, don't think we are having an alien attack before the Holidays, it's just something that I found out on the net! Would'nt it be just cool, if we could kind of see Santa in a space suit, and the reindeers could be jet-propelled deers... Hehe, I don't think 'Rudolph' would appreciate this change much, what say?

Neway, before I start saying too much on this space theme (it kinda stuck to my brain)... here's a cool link that has some 'spacial' greetings to check out!
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  • At 8:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Isn't that spacial! Sorry.

    Off the subject of a 'spacial' Santa and on to the subject of his reindeer.

    I was listening to Bill Bennet sometime last week on the drive in to work and they were trying to figure out just what games reindeer play.

    Someone called in and said that all of Santa's reindeer (at least the ones depicted in images) are female.

    Old males antlers fall off in December (when I don't know), young males antlers fall off in early December and female's antlers don't fall off until around mid January.

    So, not only do I find out there is NO Santa.....