Friday, December 08, 2006

Hey, have U people made your Christmas wreaths yet? If not, get going 'coz today's Make A Wreath Day... and there's not much time left to Ho Ho! I like the concept of wreaths. Don't you? A simple wreath adds so much color and makes a simple door way so festive to look at... it can also be a very innovative and sweet gift if U add something special and really personalize it! Celebrating the holidays, especially Christmas is just doubled with all these simple old time traditions.

Speaking of which, today is also a day to celebrate something out of our childhood... Cotton Candy! Ahh, the sticky feel of cotton candy on the faces just take U back to the playground and the fairs. A ride on the carousel and a cotton candy stick on one hand, was the idea of ultimate joy! If U like invention and being adventurous, then here's a cotton candy making that I found... take a look!

Cotton candy is nothing but pure sugar. To make the sugar 'cottony', you need:
  • Heat to melt the sugar and turn it into a liquid.
  • A set of very small holes that the liquid sugar can flow through to form threads of sugar.
  • A spinning head that slings the liquid sugar outward so it is forced through the holes.
  • A bowl to catch the threads.

The head contains the heater to melt the sugar and make it liquid. Then, by spinning the head, the cotton candy machine forces the liquid sugar out through tiny holes in the head. The instant the thin threads of sugar hit the air, they cool and re-solidify, so in the bowl of the machine a web of sugar threads develops. The web is easily collected on a paper cone. If you mix water with cotton candy it instantly dissolves, and you can see that it's nothing but a tablespoon or two of sugar filling the entire bag. It's amazing how much you can charge for sugar, air and a little coloring!
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