Monday, December 11, 2006

Hey people, today is a gr8 day.. Today's the Birthday of UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund. It was founded today back in 1946. Do U know where the 'E' came from in the acronym? Well, until the 1953, it was United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund – and we still use the same acronym. Besides, it's easier to pronounce it right? Visit the UNICEF Voice of Youth pages to play some interactive games and learn more. "The State of the World's Children" is the title UNICEF has for 2007 on the official UNICEF site.

You know something that we use maybe almost everyday. We're thankful it exists especially when we're stuck in traffic. What is it? It's Radio. And today is Radio Day. It is believed that Guglielmo Marconi sent the first transatlantic wireless message (from England to Canada) this very day in 1901. That makes over 105 years ago!

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