Monday, December 11, 2006

Hellooo... It's sunday nite and that means a new week's starting and that also means more classes and exams... sigh! But, something really gladdened my heart on friday, and that was celebrating Brownie Day with lotsa brownies! Yummm, it was simply yumm. This holiday season is really not doing me any good with all these goodies on display. It's was almost a crime to have even Pastry Day lurking on saturday, but hey, I resisted myself to one wee little pastry only!

Another thing that also crossed my mind was, Christmas Cards! With Christmas cards, you really have to hurry up... come on, you can't send a card after the holidays are over. So, I made few and I hope you guys did the same too. If not, get going soon with them. It's really easy 'coz all U need is to get your creative ideas flowing! Time for me to sigh off too... I gotta go and hunt for few brownie recipes and promise to post them soon too!
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