Monday, January 15, 2007

Yipee, I had a great time folks! It was a good weekend for me - 'coz I was roller skating to my heart's content. It was also Roller Skating Day on friday, and that was a very good excuse to put my skates on. Actually skating is a very good exercise too... so it was fun coupled with some energy burning too!

Speaking of skating, I indulged in some great food. Seafood. Now I very firmly believe that any food if cooked in the proper way never makes U afraid of the weighing scale! Though seafood is considered to be a little on the fatty side at times - a serving now and then keeps U contended for a long time. So I just shut my eyes, and had a great time with prawns and lobsters (Ooo, I'm drooling!)

Well guys, I'm kind of well fed and contended now - feeling drowsy too. And this is very soon going to reflect in my posting too, but before I leave, there was something that really kept me entertained from the morning... and that was Dress Up Your Pet Day! U can kind of imagine the sight of cute little pets in various costumes that hit the streets - Oh boy, they were fantastic!
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