Thursday, January 25, 2007

Complimenting a near one, a friend, your colleague or just the salesperson in the supermarket, is a great way to begin a day! I use the phrase to 'begin a day' 'coz a little compliment goes a long way in making people feel good, and that good and happiness is always reflected back in our lives! And guys, casey loves being happy - right? So make use of Compliment Day today, and keep smiling at all the compliments that U receive too!

My happiness is always there in celebrating life in its everyday forms - via food or just simple things that add a touch of color and joy. So what, if it is just plain old peanut butter? Yeah, U guessed it, today also belongs to Peanut Butter Day. A slice of bread and some buttery peanuts is all but required to keep faces contended.

So people, while I go and get myself a slice of contentment, U too can get going for some nutty and buttery fun!
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