Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hey guys, are U still celebrating April Fools' Day or what? I had a great time pulling tricks on people, it was simply hilarious! What's the scene out there? I am sure, not many people have been spared today - specially if they have bugged you sometime or the other.

And as usual if there is some kind of celebration, then how can food be behind? Here are couple of recipes that I found here for some super cool food for playing pranks !

Cake In Ice Cream Cone
* Cake cones wafer with flat bottoms
* Batter of any cake
* Ready-made vanilla or chocolate frosting
* Sprinkles
* Cake decorating bag with a star cake-decorating tip

* Pour cake batter into the cones up to three-fourths of their capacity.
* Bake for about 15 minutes at 350°F temperature.
* Let it cool and set.
* Put frosting into decorating bag with star tip and swirl the frosting on the top like a soft-serve ice cream.
* Add sprinkles if desired.

Pizza Candy
* 1 - Unbaked pie crust
* Green dots candies
* 1 - Red fruit roll
* 1/2 cup - Shredded coconut
* Yellow food coloring
* 1 - Small jar of red jelly

* Put pie crust on a round pizza pan, folded at the edges to resemble a pizza crust.
* Bake the crust as directed.
* Cut the dots into bell pepper like pieces using butter knife.
* Cut fruit rolls into pepperoni like circles using cleaned and washed scissors.
* Mix and shake coconut shreds and food coloring thoroughly.
* Spread the jelly on crust, sprinkle it with coconut and candy pieces and decorate with fruit roll circles.
* Serve the yummy pizza candy.


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