Thursday, March 08, 2007

International Women’s Day has evolved into a popular worldwide celebration that has seen its genesis in a saga of struggles by women against all odds to bring about equality, peace and justice in a patriarchal society.

For times immemorial women had to make fervent effort to establish a respectable place for themselves. International Women’s Day is rooted in centuries of strife and revolt.
Although inequality and injustice prevailed in society as a whole yet the discrimination in the textile and manufacturing industries was inhuman culminating into widespread discontentment among women which ultimately gave birth to a revolt.

Jobs were sex-segregated, women were paid less wages than their male counterparts and had to slog for longer hours working in such a deplorable condition that their place of work was commonly known as ‘sweat shops’. Thus ‘extraordinary courage’ of ‘ordinary women’ finally brought about a revolution that changed the whole outlook of the world towards women.

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