Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hey guys, hope U all had a great weekend! Mine was cool like usual 'coz I never keep any heavy plans for the week's end :). You know we had very many interesting celebrations over the couple of days. There was Telephone Day, and we really need to thank Graham Bell for that. What a useful little ditty this is. Just imagine, conversing with people thousands of miles away and that too in a couple of minutes!

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Apart from this we also had Daylight Saving Time Begins and something else that really rocked - Alfred Hitchcock Day. Wow, a day dedicated to the greatest showman of murder and mystery! I simply love his movies, don't U? The feeling of suspense and a lurking of fear and uncertainty is something that is found only in his movies. From the 99 steps to the Birds, every movie is a classic in itself.

So before I go on and on, let me stop right here and give U all a chance to say something also. Be sure to keep me posted on all your weekend happenings while I go and prepare of the long week ahead.

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