Friday, August 17, 2007
How's your weekend starting off? There's a Lentil Festival going on in Pullman, Washington this weekend. Did you know that a third of all lentils in the US is produced from Pullman, WA? Isn't that just crazy?
Here's a more crazy fact: Lentils contain 26% of protein -- that's more than soybeans. Vegetarians should make lentils a major part of their diet. And in fact, you can make veggie burgers out of lentils -- check out Napur's Kitchen for that.

I highly recommend that you also check out's recipe section for lentils. Their Indian creamy lentil and rice recipe looks mighty delicious so as the Egyptian koshary pasta recipe. Both are of course meatless. If you're a natural carnivore I suggest that you try the very homely recipe of lentil and sausage stew -- perfect for rainy days.

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PS: I've crossed my 100th post! More delicious festivals and holidays to come... stay tuned.


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