Friday, August 17, 2007
There's a Seafood Festival that's going to take place in Charleston, OR. It starts from 7am to 6pm. There's live music, contest for kids and adults like fish fling and crab racing. The Coast Guard is also opening their house for it! If you want to know more you can contact Mel Campbell at 541-888-4875.

If you can't go to Oregon or any other sea food festival this summer, you can have one at your own place! Have some appetizers, main course and some dessert and it'll be fun to have either a large party or a small intimate gathering of friends.

You can have King Prawns with Garlic and Brandy as your appetizer. You can also try the homemade fish fingers. And having a slow roasted salmon for your main dish would be delicious. And of course, you can always order in sushi.

Make sure you have plenty of beer, white wine or rosé -- they would go well with the home made sea food fest!

If you want some fun and adventure you can always cook craw fish (the Cajun style) and have a bunch of friends around to enjoy them with. And if you're not sure of how to eat craw fish watch this really great video:

VideoJug: How To Eat Crawfish


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