Monday, August 27, 2007
When I think of Labor Day this is one of the best pictures that comes to mind besides the Lewis Wickes Hine's photos of workers building the Empire State Building. My favorite one is the one where they're eating sandwiches sitting on high beams. It just evokes great feelings of accomplishment and that 'can do!' attitude.

This poster you see is from the World War II era -- part of the "Rosie the Riverter" campaign -- when they tried to recruit women into the workforce because men were out fighting the war. Remember that's how our grandmothers started to work changing the whole of the American cultural landscape.

I thought that was just an American phenomenon until I got to college. I learned that there were other countries that went through the same phase. And not just our allies -- even the Soviets had great posters like these. So stay tuned for more!

Honor Labor Day by honoring those who have worked through all these years. Your mom, your dad, your grandparents. Here's an ecard you can send to tell them that you appreciate their efforts.

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