Monday, August 20, 2007
Friends thank you for coming and supporing me and reading my blog. I am crossing my 100th post mark with this and am celebrating (of course!) And I read up a little bit on can openers today. I mean, Imagine life without can openers? We would be like monkeys with coconuts -- not being able to get to our favorite tuna, tomato puree or even Campbell's soup! We have everything available so readily these days that we forget how people have survived in the past.

Tin cans were developed in 1810 for the British Royal Navy but the inventor forgot about inventing a way to open it. The instructions on it read: "Cut round the top near the outer edge with a chisel and hammer."So how did people open the cans? Soldiers used bayonets and rifles to fire and open them. Not until 1870 that a design by William Lymanwas patented. You can also read How Cans Are Made if you're curious.

Anyway, happy Can Opener Day (in advance) -- with out it life would be very different.

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